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movie image Title: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Series Number: 1 of 3
Status: Pre-Production
           Release Date: Nov. 18th 2016

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movie image Title: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Series Number: 2 of 3
Status: Pre-Production
           Release Date: Nov. 16th 2018

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movie image Title: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Series Number: 3 of 3
Status: Pre-Production
           Release Date: Nov. 20th 2020

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Fantastic Beasts To Be Shown In IMAX

According to PR Newswire, Fantastic Beasts is set to be released in IMAX in a massive deal with Warner Bros.


IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced a multi-picture agreement to release up to 30 films from the studio's slate through 2020 as a continuation of the companies' longstanding partnership.

Under the agreement, IMAX will be part of a number of high-profile tentpoles from Warner Bros. Pictures, including ....... Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The IMAX release of each film will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theater geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.


As this partnership is inclusive up to 2020, it is likely that all three Fantastic Beasts films will be included under the IMAX deal.

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 by Admin
MinaLima Begin Work On Fantastic Beasts

MinaLima, the designer duo behind the Harry Potter movies, spoke to SnitchSeeker at the Harry Potter Exhibition in Paris yesterday about their upcoming work on Fantastic Beasts:


Well… maybe, we can just say that we’ve just started. We did design the cover in 2000 for the film innocently not knowing what was going to happen. Yes we are working on the film but we can’t say anything but we 're really excited.

 Now that work has finally started on the first Fantastic Beasts movie, we hope to hear more and more updates soon!

Don't forget, the first release date is set for November 18th 2016.

Posted on 03 Apr 2015 by Admin
David Heyman Interview

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies we have another interview snippet with David Heyman, producer of Fantastic Beasts, about the first movie:


“We’re at early stages , but we’re beginning the process,” Heyman explained.

“I don’t really want to talk about it right now to be honest with you, but it’s very exciting. Jo has written something very special.”

‘Fantastic Beasts’ is scheduled for release in November 2016 and will shoot at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studio, presumably later this year, so we’re expecting casting announcements in the coming months. 

Heyman was reticent to share whether they’d be holding open auditions for the lead roles like they did for ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, saying it was “too early to say” how the casting process would work.

Posted on 24 Mar 2015 by Admin
Fantastic Beasts To Be "adjacent" To Harry Potter

Thanks to SnitchSeeker, who attended the VIP Hogwarts Express Launch at 'Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter' last night, we have a new snippet of information about the first Fantastic Beasts movie. This comes from Kevin Tsujihara, CEO of Warner Bros: 


" is really a wonderful gift ‎from to the fans, and we are a part of it. It is like Star Wars. It is not exactly a linear story but an adjacent story," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "And Jo wrote herself, which is just absolutely amazing, and she is so talented. You see the passion that everyone has for the world that she has created, and it's just fantastic to extend it."

Tsujihara also paid tribute to Rowling: "Jo couldn't be here tonight, but she's here in spirit." He added: "This place embodies the world of Harry Potter and brings it to life."

When asked what else may be next for Leavesden, said Tsujihara: "Right now, we are focused on Fantastic Beasts. And Jo has a storyline in her head, and right now, we are letting her go ."


Filming on the first movie is set to begin late this summer! 

Posted on 18 Mar 2015 by Admin
Hogwarts Express Launch

Last night we attended the Hogwarts Express preview event at WB Studio Tour and we can tell you now, we were not dissappointed! 

Just beyond the Dark Arts section a new corridor has been opened up which takes you straight along to King's Cross station....magic! It really is easy to forget where you are whilst inside the new expansion as the enitre thing is a replica of Platform 9 3/4. Along with being able to see the actual Hogwarts Express, you are able to climb aboard one of the carriages and walk along the length of it. Inside this carriage are six seating areas set up with props from train scenes in the first six movies. Once you get off at the other end, you can walk straight across to a section of carriage seats with green screen windows  - here, you can sit down and watch the Muggle world go by, just like Harry and Ron did in Philosopher's Stone.

Other parts to this new expansion include a brand new Platform 9 3/4 shop to buy your goodies before boarding the train to Hogwarts & an extra section of the train hidden away behind a wall which has the rather magnificent Hogwarts Express sweet trolley on display.

This expansion to the Tour is one that we cannot rate highly enough. When you step onto that Platform, you will never, ever want to leave. 

Don't just take our word for it, though, take a look at our photos:


You can buy tickets by clicking here, and this is not just an event - this is a permanent addition to the tour.

Posted on 13 Mar 2015 by Admin
Mugglenet Live: Expo Patronum

Leading Harry Potter fansite Mugglenet is hosting Expo Patronum, a fan event, this year in London, UK.

Taking place on Saturday 18th April 2015 at the Excel Centre, London, Expo Patronum invites fans to celebrate the past, present and future of the J.K. Rowlings’ Wizarding World. Tickets for the event are currently still available and can be purchased here.


As well as many of the actors being in attendance, Julie Tottman, the animal trainer of the film series will also be hosting demonstrations with a select few animals from the Harry Potter movies:

Julie Tottman with Hedwig, Crookshanks, & Fang*

Have you ever wondered how the animals within the Harry Potter series behaved so well? That would be thanks to animal trainer Julie Tottman. She began her career with animals directly out of school as a dog hairdresser. She got her start in film when she was asked to bring a few animals to a film set, where she fell in love with the work.

Julie has been an animal trainer for film and television since 1995 and is the head trainer for Birds & Animals Unlimited UK. She had to train and coach over 250 animals for the Potter films during the course of eight years of filming! Her favorite animals to work with in the films have been Crackerjack, who portrayed Hermione's feline Crookshanks, and all of the dogs who played the parts of Hagrid's loveable and wrinkled companion, Fang.

Julie won't be joining in the autograph sessions, but as she will be on the floor interacting all day, you can ask her for autographs at any time. This also goes for the panels, so don't be shy to go ask her about Fantastic Beasts in person!

This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how Fantastic Beasts will work, as far as filming animals goes,  so go check out the event and do let us know if you end up there!

Posted on 14 Feb 2015 by Admin
Animal Actors

Warner Bros Studio Tour's event, Animal Actors, is back by popular demand!

The event runs from today, Friday the 13th, until Wednesday the 25th, and offers great insight into how Fantastic Beasts is going to be made. Like most of the Studio Tour's events, this is not one to be missed!

Back by popular demand, animal actors from the Harry Potter film series will return to the Studio Tour this February half-term. Visitors will be able to pose for pictures with a selection of animals, trained by Head Animal Trainer Julie Tottman, as they revisit the incredible sets they frequented when working on the films. They’ll team up with their trainers to showcase their acting skills and will take part in live training demonstrations.


Tickets can be purchased from here

Posted on 13 Feb 2015 by Admin

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