Fantastic Beasts Event In Japan


Tomorrow, April 28th, Warner Bros Japan will be hosting a Fantastic Beasts event which they say will be showing brand new footage. The event will be hosted at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater in Tokyo and starts at 7:30pm:

Advanced ticket with special poster will be sold and participants who cosplay and buy the ticket at the venue will get pressbook, but the ticket is limited to 1000.

First 1000 arrivals can get special card with backstage pass to the Japanese premiere where you get to meet the cast. On August 1st, the winner will be announced.

First 200 arrivals can join the screening of new footage and the lottery to win tickets to the Japanese premiere.


It’s also worth noting that a Japanese Fantastic Beasts premiere is currently planned, but not officially decided on:


The winner will be the one person. Per winner for one person, backstage pass will be of two people present. (1 set for 2 people invitation)

Japan event date and time is undecided, but it is scheduled for November. Members of cast & staff is undecided.

For various reasons, the premiere coming to Japan may be canceled. Please be forewarned. In that case, we will guide you separately present content.



Thank you so much to HPInfoJapan for letting us know about this (and translating!)!

If you plan on attending tomorrow night, do get in touch with us on Twitter!



It seems the footage shown at the event was what had been previously shown at CinemaCon, but with an added voice-over from Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol for the Japanese fans. As well as this, some of the fans received a ‘goody bag’ with a copy of a poster signed by Eddie Redmayne with a special message to the fans there. These can be seen in our gallery:

Photo credit to HPInfoJapan, HP&FB Fankoudukiryu0109HarukaProtego and muuuutsuki114.

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Fantastic Beasts Screenplay Being Released


Pottermore have just announced that the Fantastic Beasts screenplay will be released as a book (just like Cursed Child) this November – the date is set for the 19th, the day after the movie is released in cinemas:

As the excitement for Fantastic Beasts continues to build, we can now reveal that J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut will be published later this year.
A new book from J.K. Rowling is always a good reason to celebrate. But this year will mark the first time the author has published a screenplay, which you’ll be able to buy as a print edition from Little, Brown (UK) or Scholastic (US and Canada), or as an eBook right here on Pottermore.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them follows the exploits of magizoologist Newt Scamander in 1920s New York, and the screenplay will be published on 19 November – hot on the heels of the movie’s release on 18 November (as if you don’t have that date in your calendar already!)

The news that J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut will be published comes in a very exciting year for the author, who has also collaborated on the new stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Keep your eyes on Pottermore for all the latest updates on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Details on how to pre-order the screenplay are coming soon…




This news comes just a week after Pottermore removed Fantastic Beasts from their online shop.

Will you be queuing up to buy the new book at midnight? Let us know on Twitter!

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Stuart Craig Describes the MACUSA


Pottermore have released a new interview from the set of Fantastic Beasts, this time with production designer, Stuart Craig. He describes the MACUSA, which we see a lot of in the movie:

The building that houses the Magical Congress of the United States of America is about as imposing as Gringotts bank. It’s vast and grand. Covered in gold, emerald, maroon and black. Swarming with witches, wizards and Aurors on magical business. It’s the American equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, so expect similar levels of ominous grandeur.

To give your imagination a head start, we asked production designer Stuart Craig to describe exactly what you see when you walk inside. Stuart worked on all eight Harry Potter films, bringing J.K. Rowling’s locations to life with Legilimens-like accuracy.

‘When you enter the MACUSA building, you come up a flight of stairs to the main lobby…’ he says.

‘Above you, in this 750-foot-high building, there are no floors. There’s just a giant cathedral-like space with hundreds and hundreds of windows. The first things you’ll see, probably, are the phoenixes. They’re forty-foot high! Big gilded phoenix sculptures, covered in gold leaf. They’re rather splendid, actually. They’re the work of our principle sculptor, Bryn Court. We are extremely fortunate to have someone so skilled on our team.’

Bryn, like Stuart, is a revered Harry Potter creative. He was responsible for making the Whomping Willow, the Riddle headstone and the gates of Hogwarts, among other things. And his architectural work on Fantastic Beasts is equally breathtaking, as Stuart can attest.

‘In the middle of this vast space, there’s a huge memorial to the witches of Salem. J.K. Rowling wrote it into the script. The witches in the memorial are bronze sculptures, slightly larger than life. They stand in amongst the crowd, if you can imagine, so people can walk through the memorial and right by the witches.’

Every statue represents someone who lost their life during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Having this memorial inside MACUSA proves how profoundly that event affected the magical community in the world of Fantastic Beasts.

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Pottermore Set Report #5


The Pottermore Correspondant has once again released a small inside-look at the makings of the Fantastic Beasts movie. In this piece, they were on set while the cast and crew were filming the Gala scene (also partly filmed in St George’s Hall in Liverpool) where chaos ensues and stunts are needed:

Send a journalist to the set of a film every week for six months and she’ll come back with hundreds of observations. In this case, a surprising number of them are about cheese.
Hollywood executives have always talked about ‘making magic’ in movies. But they’re generally talking about the figurative, sensory magic of telling a story in moving pictures.

On the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we’re talking about making actual magic. Spells, beasts, curses. Wizards, witches, wands. Rogue magizoologists in yellow striped scarves, holding bottomless suitcases. It’s more difficult than ever, really, to know what’s real and what’s not. Especially if you’re a journalist who – full disclosure here – has never made a movie.

Before the movie comes out in November, I’ll be revealing a few showbiz secrets. But be warned; some of my methods of investigation are a little uncouth.

‘Is this Brie real?’ I ask an extra on set, sinking my index finger into a gooey wedge of cheese that’s been sitting on a plate all day. ‘Ah, yes. I can confirm that the Brie in this scene is very real. Have I just ruined the whole movie by denting the cheese? I assumed it was plastic.’

‘Are the plates real, though?’ comes a voice from below. It’s Mitch, who’s in charge of stunt props, crouching on the ground repairing a split wine glass. He’s grinning like the cunning master of deception he is.

I’m pretty sure the plates are real. I touched them earlier. I touch them again now, just to be sure. They’re not real. While I was distracted watching Jon Voight climb a staircase, the props team switched the genuine china plates out for stunt plates.

When the stunt in this particular scene takes place, Mitch tells me these specially constructed plates break cleanly and deliberately – to create the illusion of destruction in a safe, controlled way. I look at him as though he’s just pulled a coin out from behind his ear.

This is not the first time these movie-makers have fooled me with their clever, safe stunt props. Did you know they hollow out books to make them paper-light? That they take a heavy object, make a resin mould of it and then create a light version out of different materials? That some of the tables are made of wood so light you could lift it with a finger?

They make all sorts of fake things that look like reality: bookcases that won’t crush Eddie Redmayne, bricks that won’t graze Colin Farrell’s face and furniture that won’t injure Dan Fogler.

It’s obvious, when you think about it. Of course there are stunt objects. They’re not going to smash real china in the general vicinity of Ezra Miller’s real face. But have you ever stopped to think about it, till now?

So, what do we learn from this? First off, Jon Voight is definitely in the vicinity for the Gala scene (though perhaps he climbed the stairs out of harms way) where either someone casts a spell, or a creature gets loose. Secondly, so is Ezra Miller’s character, Credence.

Why is Credence at the Gala? Is he there on Second Salemers business with his mother? Or is he the one behind the destruction and that’s why Graves (Colin Farrell) catches up with him later in the diner scene?

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and theories over on Twitter!


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Dan Fogler Talks His Audition Process


In an interview with Collider at CinemaCon during the week, Dan Fogler spoke about his audition process to secure the role of Jacob Kowalski:



Collider: Legitimately I am so happy that you nailed this role and that you’re in this movie, how is it for you? What does it mean to be in the Harry Potter universe?

Dan: I mean, I’m one very small cog in this massive machine, man, I mean it’s just like, it’s a gigantic beast in itself and to be part of it is overwhelming. It’s a dream come true. Me, very much Dan Fogler coming to this role is very much like my character Jacob Kowalski coming into this magical world – I’m as in awe as he is. It’s very much playing close to home for me.

Collider: I heard through the grapevine that they had a tough time trying to find the actor to play your role and that when they so you, they were like ‘this is the guy’. So, talk a little bit about the audition or, going in to get this role

Dan: Surreal. The process was I went in and I auditioned in New York and I did it and I was like…I went in there in like a costume, a patchwork hat and suspenders, and I didn’t look right at all but I felt right, ya know? I went in there and I was like ‘I nailed it. I fkn nailed it, man’. And I got out of there and I didn’t hear anything and then I forgot about it & it’s like the old thing where the ‘train always comes when you light your cigarette’, as soon as I forgot about it they were like ‘man they want to see you again’, so I flew out to London and I did the screen test with Eddie and Alison and I felt really good about it. Actually, no, I went to L.A and there was another test and they were just like we love you, we really like you, and then nothing happened! I was like ‘what is going on?’! So, I saw that they were auditioning all these other guys that I’m always in competition with and I was just ‘awh man, it was close’ and then I went out to London and did the screen test and they were like ‘okay, we’re going to look at a lot more people, and then if we do call you it’ll be another screen test’. I was like, damn! So then I went to ComicCon and I’m hocking my Brooklyn Gladiator [comic] like ashcan books, like the hunchback of Notre Dame, just sweating my nuts off, and then I get this call –

Collider: While you’re at ComicCon?

Dan: While I’m at ComicCon! So I’m walking up and the throngs of people are coming and I’m like, a salmon swimming up-stream, then, I get this call and, I’m feeling so ugh, farty about myself, and then my agent says [on the phone] ‘hey, where are you right now, man?’ and I’m like ‘I’m at ComicCon’, he’s like ‘Well ComicCon’s going to be a lot different next year’. It was a magical…cause I was expecting them to say that we need another screen test but they said no, you got the part. That was a long story!

Collider: So what was it like filming this thing because I’ve seen some stills and it just looks like it’s going to be a really cool movie

Dan: Yeah, I’m excited to see it. They recreated half of New York city in the 20’s in Leavesden in London, in the studio. They made New York. People like Jon Voight walking around just being like ‘Holy Moly!’ Like, when Jon Voight is walking around just amazed, you know you’re on a big movie, and he’s been in some whoppers. People were saying, from the smallest person on the crew to the biggest person, everyone was like this is the biggest movie we’ve ever worked on.

Collider: Going back into this world, even in a different way, what do you think is going to surprise people about the script and the story, because J.K, she wrote it.

Dan: What’s cool about is that the source material is, she wrote the origin of how this text book was made, essentially. Fantastic Beasts and Newt Scamander’s journey about how he created this book. So, they won’t be judging it, they’ll just be able to enjoy it, they won’t be comparing it a source material, they’ll just be saying this is more awesome universe to digest. It takes place in America so the accents are different and instead of Muggles there’s No-Majs. How do you feel about the whole No-Maj thing?

Collider: I firmly believe in whatever she’s creating. I think that she’s proven herself over all these books and movies that she’s really fkn smart, so whatever she wants to do I’m on board

Dan: She is really smart, man, and she’s excited about it too. To talk to her about it, she’s excited to share this with everybody

Collider: Let me stop there because I think you’ve to go to a presentation. Do you know what they’re showing at CinemaCon?

Dan: At CinemaCon they’re showing a trailer and some behind-the-scenes from the movie and you’ll be able to see some new aspects of it that havn’t been seen before. I’m excited.


The second Fantastic Beasts trailer was released last week, which you can view right here.

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WB Studio Tour Opens Privet Drive


Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter is, for the very first time in its four-year history, opening the door into the set of Number 4, Privet Drive:

For the first time ever, visitors will get the chance to step inside number four, Privet Drive and peer into the Dursleys’ living room as the exterior set is opened especially for the Studio Tour’s 15th anniversary celebrations of the film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

For one week only, visitors will have the opportunity to walk through the front door and look into the Dursleys’ front room where hundreds of Harry’s Hogwarts letters created by MinaLima, the graphic designers for all eight Harry Potter films, will be suspended in the air as though they’ve flown through the fireplace as they did in the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The letter that started Harry’s adventure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry featured so prominently in the film that an astonishing 10,000 of these envelopes were created for the first Harry Potter film and were even printed on extra lightweight paper so the owls could carry them.

Also on display for the first time in the Studio Tour will be the Dursleys’ costumes which proved to be a rich source of inspiration for Costume Designer Judianna Makovsky.  She remembers them being the most fun to dress, creating clothes that appeared out of date and pretentious for Mr and Mrs Dursley, as well as hideous jumpers for young Dudley.

In addition to the opening of number four, Privet Drive, Warner. Bros Studio Tour London will be showcasing the equipment that was used to shoot Harry’s Hogwarts letters through the letterbox of number four, Privet Drive. The machine, which was specially created for the film by award winning Special Effects Supervisor John Richardson, will be on display in the Studio Tour during the feature between 27th May – 6th June.

In the run-up to the release of Fantastic Beasts, we would encourage anyone who can go to see this never-before-seen event, to go, as these events never disappoint (and you might learn some special effects secrets that show up in the Fantastic Beasts movie!).

The event runs for just over one week, from May 27th to June 6th & tickets can be booked by clicking here.

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Trailer 2 Analysis


The second Fantastic Beasts trailer was released early this morning & for those of you who missed it, here’s the full video:

Our analysis and personal conjecture of the trailer is after the jump:



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